October's Daring Read - A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman

Are you ready to find out more about our Year of Reading Daringly title for October?
Marvellous Ways is eighty-nine years old and has lived alone in a remote Cornish creek for nearly all her life. Lately she's taken to spending her days sitting on a mooring stone by the river with a telescope. She's waiting for something - she's not sure what, but she'll know it when she sees it.
Drake is a young soldier left reeling by the Second World War. When his promise to fulfil a dying man's last wish sees him wash up in Marvellous' creek, broken in body and spirit, the old woman comes to his aid. A Year of Marvellous Ways is a glorious, life-affirming story about the magic in everyday life and the pull of the sea, the healing powers of storytelling and sloe gin, love and death and how we carry on when grief comes snapping at our heels.   
"Gently told, boldly written. A moving story of love and loss and how to cope with both. This book introduces us to Marvellous Ways and Francis Drake; two people destined for simple lives marked by extraordinary events."
Pick up a copy now from your local library and let us know what you think.


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