Have you read the reader reviews for December's daring read, The Martian? Does it sound like a book that might tempt you?

  •  A book that makes me willingly turn my chronically sleep-deprived state into the acutely sleep-deprived one as I battle somnolence at 4 a.m. so that I can read just one more chapter (we all know how that one chapter somehow turns into a dozen as the sunrise starts lurking outside the window).
  • A book with the sense of humour that is a perfect match for my own (the one that occasionally causes some serious eyebrow-raising from my colleagues).
  •   The writing can be a bit irritating. Don't misunderstand me, I loved the science bits, and the multiple perspectives, but Mark's narration really got on my nerves sometimes! Like how he talks! Like this! All of the time! However, as the book progressed, I realised that there wasn't enough of this to make me fully dislike Mark's portions, so all was well.
  • Extreme cases of literary franken-science carry the risk of full-blown ocular gymnastics on the part of the reader. As a result, serious injury has been reported, to include corneal abrasions, iritis, and sprains of the lateral and medial rectus muscles. Luckily, there is a cure. The Martian.
  • There isn’t anything inherently wrong with this book – but it does have a LOT of maths!
Request your copy now... #ReadingDaringly #DarllenBeiddgar







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